Tina’s extensive leadership skills combined with a rich career of global work and living abroad provide the foundation for presentations delivered at various conferences and events each year. Each presentation is customized for the specific event, audience and desired outcomes.

GDC (Game Developers Conference) is the game industry’s premier professional event, championing game developers and the advancement of their craft.

GDC takes place in San Francisco, CA,
March 20-24,2023 at the Moscone Center.

GDC 2023: The Producer’s Role in Fostering Cultural Inclusion

Nominated as a top speaker for GDC 2021, Tina is delighted to be returning in person for the GDC 2023 Production Essentials Summit.

The games industry is increasing diverse and most teams are working hybrid and/or fully remote. How do Producers can leverage the best from everyone on the team? How do they ensure all diverse voices are heard, and that different opinions and concerns are shared? How can Producers ensure everyone is aligned on the mission if we all have different perspectives on what it is, and how to get there? And how can Producers develop psychological safety in teams where everyone can thrive?

CQ & Inclusive Leadership Webinar, Cultural Intelligence Center

May 2021

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is what gives leaders the skills and confidence to lead diverse teams effectively. In this session we explored:

  • What Inclusive Leadership Is and Why CQ Matters
  • The Characteristics of an Inclusive Leader with high CQ
  • The Consequences when CQ is missing
  • Best Practices for Including Everyone
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Achieving “Great” with a Distributed Workforce, ACETECH BC

July 2020

Applying best practices will make the difference between ‘doing okay’ versus achieving outstanding outcomes when working with distributed and remote teams. We covered:

  • Onboarding
  • Communications
  • Performance Management
  • Culture

Tina has over two decades of public speaking experience, including delivering a keynote for the Women in Games Summit at CEGC16: “Career Development in the Gaming industry” (Vienna, Austria).   

Audiences and organizations with whom she has worked include:

Electronic Arts, Cultural Intelligence Center, External Development Summit, Game Developer Conference (GDC), King Activision, Relic Entertainment, Ubisoft, DIFEST Global, Project Management Institute (PMI), Vancouver Film School, ACETECH Leadership, Lean In Canada, Argyle Secondary School, Indie Game Business, Indie Games Developer.