Tina can help level up your organization and/or team’s productivity,

building more effective and inclusive workplaces and leaders.

Leadership Development

Leveraging over 2 decades of global leadership and development experience, Tina is ready to level up senior directors, leaders and managers. Inclusive leadership training, succession planning, talent development, 1:1 coaching/mentoring, supporting DEI initiatives and group facilitated sessions are among some of the many ways that Tina works with leaders.

High Performance Teams

Diversity is a business reality, whether diversity is domestic or international in nature. With extensive hands-on experience leading and directing global teams, Tina is ready to help operationalize and bring focus to your DEI efforts and talent management practises as we move your teams from good to great!

Game Project Health Audits

Tina has shipped over 25 AAA games, as well as helped many studios and game teams deliver consistently on time, at quality and on budget. She is available to work with teams to audit projects and provide comprehensive, expert guidance on risks, capacity planning, team health and more.

Speaking, Interactive Workshops, Facilitation, Training

Tina’s extensive leadership skills combined with a rich career of global work and living abroad provide the foundation for presentations delivered at various conferences and events each year.

Each presentation is customized for the specific event, audience, and desired outcomes. Click here to learn more.

Specializing in Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Unconscious Bias (UB), distributed and external software development, game development and project management, Tina partners with HR, DEI, and executive leaders to deliver leadership and team training and development programs which bring operational relevance to business activities.


Tina leverages deep expertise in software and games production, project management, talent management and global leadership to help organizations improve effectiveness while supporting inclusion, innovation, and

Provides due diligence to assess opportunities on behalf of games industry investors, interactive media funding bodies and developers looking for consulting support and oversight on project/talent plans.

Certified in Cultural Intelligence and Unconscious Bias (Train the Trainer) frameworks through the Cultural Intelligence Center, Tina provides consultancy support for DEI and cultural inclusion programs.


Understanding different cultures starts with seeking to better understand ourselves, including our personal biases, assumptions and motivations.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) assessments are research-based and designed to measure our effectiveness in
diverse situations.

Personal Cultural Values (CV) are our preferences for how we navigate work and life in general. CV profiles are used to help us visualize those preferences and compare them to others, building empathy and awareness of the different dimensions of culture.

Related reports provide insights related to personal strengths and opportunities plus include a template to build a personal development plan.

There are several assessments for different purposes and groups, including:

  • CQ Multi-rater (360) Assessment:  For senior leaders and professionals, this includes assessment scores from your named observers
  • CQ Pro Self-Assessment: A self inventory of your CQ capabilities and including cultural values scores
  • CQ Self-Assessment: A self inventory of your CQ capabilities
  • Cultural Values (CV) Profile compares personal orientations with cultural cluster norms

Group reports are also available to summarize aggregate CQ assessment results of development program participants. Please reach out for more information, or to see any sample reports.