Leveling Up Your Studio While Being Empathetic – An INDIE GAME MOVEMENT Podcast

Date: June 5, 2023

Location: Virtual

Empathy in the Games Industry

Join Tina Merry and Andrew Pappas of Rengen Marketing as they explore what empathy means to the business of making games, how this relates to cultural diversity, and how taking an empathetic approach can vastly level up you and your team

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Andrew Pappas hosts the Indie Game Movement podcast, where he interviews developers, professionals, and industry veterans about the marketing and business of indie games.  He’s also a game marketing consultant and founder of Rengen Marketing where he helps developers and studios understand their audience, and create processes that maximize their marketing efforts. 

Rengen offers Indie game marketing resources and consulting that empower studios to grow their business.

Andrew Pappas <andrew@rengenmarketing.com>