Workshop: Cultural Inclusion and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) for the Games Industry

Date: October 20, 2022; 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM, Pacific

Location: Virtual

This session will explore how to effectively navigate cultural diversity and develop skills to support a strategic approach for increased effectiveness in all multicultural interactions.

Creativity and innovation are key pillars to success in video games and creative technology. Diversity within teams, in global markets and in organizational structures are also an industry reality, whether that diversity is defined through the lens of gender, age, political affiliation, nationality, ethnicity, organization, or even our functional role at work.   

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a highly practical and scalable framework, which helps us leverage, celebrate and nurture the cultural diversity in the workplace and our communities.  CQ provides the foundational skills needed to work and relate with those different from us, and Cultural Values profiles provide a descriptive tool to talk about culture differences.

Objective: Increased personal effectiveness and awareness working across diverse cultures; able to leverage cultural differences to foster idea sharing, trust, and innovation.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • CQ Personal Assessment and Feedback Report (includes Cultural Values profile and Personal Development Plan)
  • Comprehensive Guide with strategies to apply and improve their CQ

Sample Report, Cultural Intelligence Center


Four Capabilities, Sample Report, Cultural Intelligence Center Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC 


  1. Culture Matters – relevance and impact of CQ
  2. Mapping Cultural Diversity – explore 10 cultural value dimensions and personal preferences
  3. What’s Your CQ? – review personal CQ report scores; explore strategies to apply and develop CQ capabilities
  4. Putting CQ into Action – best practices to build trust and foster innovation with diverse teams