I hope you can join my presentation this year at XDS20 Adapt!  Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the only world-class, international games industry event that focuses on external development for Art, Animation, Audio, Co-Development, Quality Assurance and Localization. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has demanded the gaming industry move to a nearly fully remote workforce, with little expectation of an imminent return to the office. Although working with distributed teams is not new to many in our industry, a context where most of the team is working from home is not nearly as familiar. Much like the transition we made in the gaming industry with the move from an ‘outsourcing’ mindset to one of global partnership and distributed team management, this difficult time can also be an opportunity to leverage a new form of collaboration. Attendees will take away a framework to clarify how remote team collaboration best practises are being operationalized and made sustainable in their organizations, as we strive for a healthy and inclusive industry culture.

"Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance"

- Vernā Myers

In this presentation at XDS2019, Tina explains how to strategically leverage cultural differences to come up with more innovative solutions, see increase effectiveness in your relationships and appreciate working within a diverse team context more than ever! 

Tina Merry is a consultant and virtual facilitator specializing in the creative technology and IT sectors. 

 'Leader in a box' - solving senior & executive leadership staffing gaps, leading change initiatives, operations and project management, succession planning, developing leaders + teams to achieve desired performance levels through hands-on support.
 Training, virtual facilitation & team coaching - specializing in Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Unconscious Bias (UB),  distributed and external software development, game development & project management. Partnering with HR, DEI and executive leaders to deliver leadership and team programs which bringing operational relevance to business activities. 
 1:1 Coach/Mentor to individual leaders, with a primary focus on cultural intelligence, project management and team leadership.

Cultural Intelligence Certified Advanced Facilitator (Train the Trainer)

Unconscious Bias: Train-The-Trainer Certified ("CQ Your Bias")

Registered PRINCE2 practitioner 

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